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EnerClear Services In-Situ Innovation Featured on Crownsmen Energy

Maximizing a pipeline's lifespan or repurposing existing pipelines in a time, when getting one built really can seem like a "pipe dream", is just one more area where operators can look to lower their CO2 emissions and increase efficiency. Chad Carriere joins pipeline, energy, and technology podcast and web series Crownsmen Energy to discuss how EnerClear Services significantly extends the life of pipelines and is a proactive option for new and existing pipeline protection.

That in itself is of huge value but EnerClear's repurposing capability for carbon, steel, and fiberglass pipelines also became a central part of the decision. With emerging energy sources such as Hydrogen gaining more traction in North American markets, the opportunity to use existing pipeline infrastructure to transport new fuel sources provides economic opportunity to the energy sector without expanding the pipeline's footprint.

EnerClear is a perfect example of what Crowsmen Energy is hoping to achieve by interviewing leaders from the oil and gas industry who are pushing new technology, refining and updating existing ones, and also willing to educate the public about the energy sector from Canada to the the United States, and around the world.

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Watch the full version of the podcast, or find it on anchor. There is also an abbreviated version if you'd prefer.

COVID 19 / Orphan Wells and Pipelines

The recent and ongoing global crisis of COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the energy industry around the world. Canada is no exception, having already been feeling the years lasting effects of low oil prices, the swift impact of COVID-19 has been an unprecedented body blow to the sector. Many companies are left wondering what is next. Resiliency waning, we as an industry must proceed onward and work to uncover opportunities where they may be present.

Our team specializes in our innovative in-situ cleaning and coating process for rehabilitating existing pipeline assets and internally protecting brand new pipelines, but at the end of day, the EnerClear team is pigging specialists. Pipeline dehydrating, decommissioning and abandonment services are well within our offered scope of services.

If your project may involve orphan wells/orphan pipelines and requires any pipeline abandonment, cleaning/maintenance or decommissioning services we are here to assist.

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NACE Northern Area Western Conference 2020

EnerClear Services is proud to be presenting at the upcoming NACE Northern Area Western Conference in Regina on Thursday February 6th, 2020 @ 11am @ the Delta Hotels Regina

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PPIM 2020

Join EnerClear Services at the upcoming PPIM 2020 conference in Houston, Texas. We will be exhibiting at Booth #361 from February 18th to 20th, 2020. For more information, please visit the link below.

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Corrosion 2020

Join EnerClear Services at the upcoming Corrosion 2020 conference in Houston, Texas. We will be exhibiting at Booth #2253 from March 16th to 19th, 2020. For more information, please visit the link below.

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NACE Pipeline Rehabilitation Lunch & Learn

EnerClear Services is honored to be a speaker for the upcoming NACE Pipeline Rehabilitation Lunch and Learn on Friday September 27th at 11:30am at the Calgary Petroleum Club. For more details and to register, visit the event page on Eventbrite below!


In Situ for Improved Integrity

EnerClear Services is proud to be featured in the May 2019 edition of World Pipelines magazine. This issue focuses on the current state of the Canadian oil and gas sector, and what may lie ahead for the industry with proposed legislation on the horizon. EnerClear's innovative insitu cleaning and coating system is showcased within the magazine.

In North America, particularly in Canada, access to markets is an ongoing challenge that will continue to dominate headlines throughout 2019. With increased scrutiny on the energy sector, depressed oil prices, government-imposed production cuts and pipeline projects being cancelled or put on hold indefinitely, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for Canadian producers to get oil to market...

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