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Our Services

pipe insitu coating

The Epoxy Pipeline Coating Advantage

  • Minimally invasive, low cost process that maintains throughput
  • Extends asset service life reducing the need for costly inhibitor programs and pigging maintenance programs
  • Uniform coating coverage throughout the entire line, including welds
  • Combats wax and paraffin deposition
  • Eliminates scaling and internal corrosion, and significantly reduces the process of erosion

Our Services Include:

  • In-situ pipeline coatings
  • In-situ pipeline cleaning
  • Inhibiting and Chemical Batching
  • Custom and Contract Pigging
  • Municipal Cleaning and Swabbing
  • Pipeline Dehydrating
  • Pipe Decommissioning and Abandonment
  • Specialized surface preparation options (acid etch and grit blast)
  • Creative coating options including nano coatings
  • Industry leading robotic pipe inspection

Protecting New and Rehabilitating Old Pipelines

EnerClear Services provides an innovative insitu pipeline epoxy coating process that provides a cost-effective solution for the prevention of corrosion in new pipelines, or the rehabilitation of worn, corroded or scaled existing pipelines. Flood coating reduces owning and operating costs by extending asset life, reducing or eliminating the need for corrosive inhibitors, lowering friction and increasing line capacity vs. conventional solutions (such as liners). This process can be used in the field, for new or existing pipelines, in plants and has applications in power generation, oil and gas, agriculture, civil, infrastructure, manufacturing, chemical, as well as offshore.

Challenges arising from bends, risers, operational infrastructure and other on-site barriers are mitigated by EnerClear's process, and our small on-site footprint has minimal impact on your operations. EnerClear's process is capable of cleaning and coating pipelines up to 20 km in length and/or 32" ID with just one small launching and small receiving station. We can customize any solution for your needs.

For IDs from 24" to 60", an internal coating robotic process can be utilized. EnerClear's compact system can be mobilized around the world to coat or rehabilitate a broad range of assets including produced water, boiler feed and potable water lines; natural gas, C02 and sour gas lines; oil and emulsion lines, and more!