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EnerClear’s Insitu Pipeline Coating System will significantly extend the life of your pipeline and is a proactive option for new and existing pipeline protection.

  • Ability to coat long lengths (up to 25km), bends and difficult to access pipelines.
  • Provides thin coating application versus traditional corrosion protection measures, such as liners.
  • In situ coating process results in homogenous coating over weld joints, all bends (ie: 45's and 90's), pitting, and any weld or minor corrosion defects.
  • Minimally invasive, low cost process with reduced impact on existing infrastructure and operations.
  • Maintains pipe ID and throughput.
  • Lowers operating and maintenance costs.
  • Extends service life and reduces need for costly corrosion inhibitors.
  • Complete internal pipe coating for pipelines from 3" to 60" ID, and from 100m to 20km in length.
  • Homogenous pipeline coating over weld joints, and any weld or minor corrosion defects.
  • Applications in power generation, oil and gas, agriculture, civil, infrastructure, manufacturing, chemical and offshore.


EnerClear Services was founded in 2005, and is the global leader in in-situ internal pipeline cleaning and coating.

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Along with our other services, EnerClear Services provides an innovative insitu pipeline epoxy coating process.

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EnerClear Energy’s process solves any of your pipeline issues related to pitting, corrosion, erosion, and more.

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